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Terence Waters


someone once said...

...instruction and mastery
come in the form of

determination and

...I mirror that sentiment!

Things are worth doing if they can be done well and in tandem with goals. This is what I truly believe in myself and those I surround myself with.

We live in a world full of strange, negative outbursts that seem to take to the soul of who we are as individuals. It becomes hard to understand what we want, who we are, and be proud to be who we are without fear of ridicule, sabotage , and overall frustration. This is ever present in the United States today with the ripping apart of political aspects of oneself, the POLARity of what has become our nation in this day and age.

Left vs. Right.
Dem vs. GOP.
American vs.
American vs.


the vision

In creating EnTerActive Studios, I wanted to take this negativity head-on and help people exploit what truly matters in the long-run:

The Sense of ID and the Individual.

I believe in the power of what someone can do with one's body, mind, and spirit in making something mediocre become something amazing.

Flourishing into something wonderful.

Exploiting the individual self.

Processing the wonderful things which can become an amazing opportunity for those around us and with those we share live with!

In short--I believe in the ID of the person and showcasing that
without fear.

Without worry.

Without doubt. Because this is YOU--the main part of who you are!

in diversity, we are one

We don't believe in the same ideals and views.
We have
differing values.

Differing spirituality.

Separate understanding of our own realities.

And overall, a personal sense of
self and knowledge of the world around us.

And with the ways we
feel that needing to somehow discount who we are, what we become, and how others are against who we are only detriments what we can do as a collective body--comprised of unique individuals who can accomplish anything!

Landing on the moon.

Developing new and innovative technologies.

Building roads, communities, and interconnected lives through the Internet and social media.

Showcasing diplomacy with other nations.

Collectively working together to ensure everyone has access to basic needs, healthcare, love, affection, and trust.

Finding joy in diversity.

Understanding fiscal conservative measures and social constructs that make the United States what it is today, and making our great nation into what it is now and what it can become for generations to come.

simple: a USA in US!

My goal with EnTerActive Studios is to help leverage that ID which we all possess to make it become a reality through graphic design, web design, piano instruction, video editing, and personal and/or business branding.

Then from there:
Showcase it.
Flaunt it.
Display it for the world to see.

become the individual, fully displayed for the world to see.

You and I!

We all believe in differing views--But we are ALL Americans and people living on this Earth.

Left and Right and #aPlusandMinus.

Polarity vs. congruency.
Man, Woman, and Gender-specific.
Gay and Straight.
Non-religious and Spiritual.


in short...

THIS is what I envision. #aUSAinUS through the polarity, political livelihood that makes us one collective country, known as the United States.

Let's take this journey together--and let EnTerActive Studios showcase what the ID is:

"adversity will help you decide
what you truly believe."

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